March 13, 2012

Time for Sharing Tuesday Blog Hop

The Time for Sharing Tuesday Blog Hop will not take place this week.  Please come back next Tuesday to join in our hop. 

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March 12, 2012

Hamburger Helper Review!

Well, I decided that we needed to cook both boxes at the same time so we could sample the new flavors.  I invited our neighbors over for dinner to get their opinion also.  Everyone liked both the Ultimate Beef Stroganoff and the Cheesy Italian Beef flavors, however we all had our favorite.  The majority voted for the Ultimate Beef Stroganoff flavor.  I had never tried the Beef Stoganoff flavor before and really thought it had great flavor and liked it the most.  Needless to say both pans were empty before you knew it and I never got a picture to share with you.  The Cheesy Italian Beef was tasty also.  You could taste the Italian herbs and they weren't over powering.  The best part was how quick and easy it was to cook dinner.  Not only did Hamburger Helper bring our family together, it brought our neighbors family together with us.

Pssst, thank you for giving us this opportunity.

Make sure you try these new flavors.

** Pssst by General Mills provided a free sample of their Hamburger Helper new flavors so I could write a review. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own.