June 10, 2015

Receipt Surveys...Do or Don't Do?

I get a lot of receipts with surveys on them.  Honestly, as a busy mom, I don't have time to do a bunch of surveys.  However, today when I got my Burger King receipt, I decided to see how long their survey would take.   It was worth a free sandwich.  Much to my surprise in the time it took me to eat my Whopper Jr. I had completed the survey and received the validation code to write on the receipt.  Now at my next visit, I just give them the receipt with the code on it and I will receive either a free Whopper or Chicken Sandwich (my choice, with a purchase of fries and a drink).  It was easy and I didn't have to give any of my personal information or email address.   

I love getting paid for my opinion even if it is just a burger. 

Burger Kings survey is a DO!

Happy Savings,