January 26, 2013

Mom on a Meal Mission Week #2

This weeks guest post from Christina our Mom on a Meal Mission looks yummy!

Mom...I'm hungry. Can we have tacos for dinner?  That is what I have heard every night this week. Unfortunately, it has been a busy and short money week for us so tacos were out. Tonight, however I have a couple of hours before work so I am going to full fill the week long request, but with a twist. I found a taco recipe on Pillsbury.com that I am going to attempt. It seems simple enough.

My grocery list:
Shredded cheese
Pillsbury Croissant Rolls
Taco Seasoning
Taco Sauce
Sour Cream

The meal approximately cost $3.75 per person.  I have a family of 4.

I tweak the recipe and directions a little to accommodate me in my kitchen.  I didn't have a pie pan so I used a small square pan.  I also used taco sauce instead of the salsa the recipe called for.   

My kids loved it!  My husband liked it also and he doesn't like tacos.  We will definitely make this again!!!  It was another quick, easy and affordable meal.  Mission Accomplished!

Click here for the recipe I used. 

Stay tuned for more easy and affordable meals.


Christina ~ Mom on a Meal Mission

January 25, 2013

Great savings with Hasbro!

I got a great deal at Walmart with the Hasbro coupons today.  I bought the Hasbro Scrabble Slam Card Game.  The game was $5.40 and the coupon was for $4.00 so the game cost me $1.40.  You can print off 2 coupons.  I bought 2 of these games.  This card game is great for taking on vacation, putting in your children's Easter Basket, Birthday or stash away for Christmas.

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Happy Shopping,


Save a $1.00 with Freschetta

Freschetta is offering a $1.00 off coupon on their website.  Click here to get your coupon.

(Image credit Freschetta)

Happy Clipping,


Freebie Friday!

I love Friday for so many reasons.  Freebie Friday is one of them and I would love to share some Freebies that I have found with you.

Click on the name and it will take you to the Freebie page.


January 24, 2013

Save money with Lysol!

Lysol wants to help you keep your family healthy and has various coupons to help you save money protecting them against germs. 

Remember to wash your hands frequently and clean and disinfect surfaces regulary.

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Stay Healthy,


Broadway Nails Giveaway

Don't miss your chance to enter the Broadway Nails Giveaway.  The giveaway ends 2/1/13.  Click here to enter.

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Good luck,


January 23, 2013

Don't forget to sign-up with P&G

If you haven't already registered with P&G Everyday, you should click here and register.  After you join you will receive coupons, samples, savings and more.  It is well worth your time to register.

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FREE Samples from Poise

Poise would like you to experience the protection and comfort from their products for yourself.  They have 3 samples kits you can try.  Click here to get your FREE samples.



January 22, 2013

There is nothing to do!

Do you and your kids have the winter blues?  Are your kids saying there is nothing to do?  Are you saying we don’t have any money to do anything?  Then step outside of your house and take advantage of the great outdoors.  There are so many great things you can do in the winter with your children or even just as a couple for FREE. 

-Build a bonfire and roast hot dogs or make s’mores.
-Do a nature treasure hunt.
-Go sledding at a local park.
-Search for animal tracks.
-Build a snowman or change it up and build a snow animal or snow car.
-Make Ice Sculptures (use old milk cartons, fill it with water and let it freeze, then carve).
-Make your own bird feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter, and birdseed and see how many different birds come to feed.
-Shovel mazes in the snow.
-Have a winter picnic, lay out a heavy blanket and have a thermos of hot soup, a few sandwiches and hot chocolate.
-Build snow forts and have snowball fight.
-Go on a backyard winter photo shoot.  Let the kids find cool things to take photos of.
These are just a few ideas.   Don’t let Mother Nature keep you inside all winter.  Make the most of winter.  These fun times will make long lasting family memories.  Just make sure you have the hot water ready for hot chocolate as soon as you go back inside.

Dress Warm,


Get the new Target coupons!

If you are shopping at Target this week don't forget to print off your Target coupons. Right now they are offering $214.46 worth of coupons on their website. Click here to visit there website and click on the coupon link. While you are on their website check out the great online sales in every department.

Happy Shopping,


January 21, 2013

Time for Sharing Tuesday Blog Hop!

I just love SHARING the great things that I find! Whether it is a great deal, coupon, product, blog or business. On Tuesdays, I am inviting all my blog friends to link up and share your blog and Facebook page.

First, make sure you become one of my friends by following $aving and Sharing It. You can follow through GFC, G+, Twitter or Facebook.

We all love blog hops so we can gain new followers and learn of new blogs to follow. So don't just link up! Visit the other blogs and make new friends.

Make sure you post a comment below and share a little something about your blog.

Because I love to share, I am going to share a Dunkin' Donuts coffee and donut with one of you. The winner will receive a $5 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card and will be chosen randomly at the end of the day on Tuesday. I will announce the winner in the comments. The winner will receive an email and I will mail the gift card.

I am looking forward to sharing with you! Feel free to share this hop with your friends also.

Happy Hopping!


Save money and time with these coupons!

As you are starting to plan for your Big Game party?  Save yourself some time and money with Reynolds Slow Cooker liners.  These liners are the best.  I totally hate cleaning my slow cooker after a party because everything is so baked on to it.  With these liners you just take it out and throw it away and then cleaning your slow cooker is quick and very easy.

Reynolds has 5 different coupons on their website to save you $4.00.  Click here to visit their page and print off your coupons.

Happy Planning,


A Mom on a Meal Mission!

I am excited to announce that we will have a guest blogger each week who will give us a little insight of her mission to feed her busy family good food on a budget.  Our Mom on a Meal Mission, Christina is a good friend of mine and is excited to share her experiences on Saving and Sharing It.  We hope you will be able to use her experiences going through her Meal Mission to benefit your family.

Mom on a Meal Mission!

My family is constantly on the go and to be honest, bored with the same old quick meals that we hurry to cook and eat almost every night. So, I started looking up recipes for something different.  The BIG problem was finding something that didn't require a gazillion ingredients, that were expensive (cost is an issue!) and oddles of prep time.  So, when I saw the Pillsbury commercial for Unsloppy Joes, I had to try them. Only 4 ingredients and sloppy joes are a family favorite. So, I bought the ingredients and made them.  It was super easy, inexpensive (because I used my Pillsbury coupons) and my family loved them.

Now I am on a mission....a Pillsbury one so far....to find meals that are affordable and easy to prepare. So far I have made Unsloppy Joes and Croissant Pizzas, both big hits and both only 4 ingredients.   Click here for the Pillsbury Unsloppy Joes recipe I used.  ( I did not use chili powder, because I didnt have it and won't buy it for 1 recipe)

Also, if you have a family that doesn't like the cheese, just throw a couple pieces of the cheese on top of the ones with cheese in them to tell them apart.

I hope your family enjoys them as much as mine does.


Christina ~ Mom on a Meal Mission