June 4, 2011


Eric M.

Congratulations you are the lucky winner of the B-Mets tickets. I will be sending you a confirmation email with more details.

**Stay tune I will be giving away more B-Mets tickets soon!

June 3, 2011


Colleen C.

Ike's Pizzeria would like all my followers to try their pizza.  Ike's offers a money saving discount card when you make a purchase.  Visit Ike's and tell them you heard about their pizza from Saving and Sharing It!

Foodie Friday Pizza Pick of the Week Pizza Review!

Ike's Pizzeria Pizza was our pick for the week.  I ordered the pizza for 4:30 pm.  When I walked in at 4:30 the Pizza was ready and hot.  The pizza was a large round thin crust plain pie.  The crust was really thin and tasted good.  It had a nice tomato flavor and there was something about the blend of sauce and cheeses that made you think, boy I could go for another slice.  It was really good!  The ratio of sauce and cheese was good.  My family liked the pizza.  I am glad I found this pizzeria, we will have Ike's Pizzeria again in the future.  Ike's is located on Eldridge Street across from the old Lander's building in Binghamton.
Follow our Pizza Pick circuit and try Ike's Pizzeria Pizza for yourself.


If you like racing then you should check out Five Mile Point Speedway, Kirkwood, NY.  Kids 17 and under are FREE to all Saturday night shows. 

June 8th, all Kirkwood residents are admitted FREE with photo ID. 
July 9th, all Windsor residents are admitted FREE with photo ID. 
July16th, all Whitney Point residents are admitted FREE with photo ID.
July 30th, all Conklin residents are admitted FREE with photo ID.
August 13th, Armed Forces Night, military personnel are admitted FREE with photo ID.

For more information on Five Mile Point Speedway click here.

Take your family and enjoy a night at the race!


June 2, 2011


Saving and Sharing It is taking another follower out to the ball game! Together with Magic 101.7 I will be giving away two (2) B-Mets tickets this Saturday at noon. The lucky follower can choose the game they would like to attend. Make sure you have clicked LIKE at the top of my Facebook page or send an email to savingandsharingit@yahoo.com to be eligible. Listen live to Magic 101.7 Today's Best Music by clicking their logo.

Gardening with Mr. C. - DIY Gardening Tips

Now that you are hopefully getting the weeds under control, I want you to consider another garden thief - plant overcrowding.

Thinning of plants is as important as weeding, to allow the remaining ones to grow with less competition.  The seed packets give recommendations for planting (to improve the chance of some of them to grow) and for thinning spacing.  If you get a high percentage of germination, you will need to thin. If you still have the empty packets or the partial ones (saved for 2nd planting), consider storing them in a card file. You can record on cards what works or what to do better next year.  I keep my notes in a log book (future topic*). 

What has worked well for me (for years) is to plant radishes and lettuce together.  When the letttuce is well established and some of the radishes begin to fill out, I pull them all, leaving more room for the lettuce. In the before and after photos below, the dark green plants on each side of the lettuce (that will grab onto the 24" chicken wire fences for support) are "Little Marvel" pea plants that typically grow to be 20" tall.

                                           Lettuce and Radishes                        Lettuce 

The ones with round bottoms get washed and eaten. The tops and the rejects go directly on the compost pile (future topic*).  I thin the tender young lettuce and spinich (grown without radishes) plants incrementally, gradually making room for the mature plants. The ones I pull don't  go for compost but into tasty green salads.  (Stores charge extra for baby greens)

*Note: I try to pick topics based on the current phase of the growing season and defer the less time critical ones.

PS: I grow onions for winter storage and just started to pluck off the seed pods that form over the season on the top of them as they sap plant strength.

Till next week - Mr. C.

June 1, 2011

Member to Member Discount Program.

Many people don't realize it, but if your employer is a member of the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce as an employee you can receive discounts from many area businesses with the Member to Member Discount card.  You should be able to get the discount card from the Human Resources or Personnel Office at your work.  If they do not have any of the cards, you can get them from the Chamber of Commerce.  Visit their website to see a listing of all the discounts that are offered to members.  Click here to go to the website.

Make sure you check it out!



Ike's Pizzeria is the PIZZA PICK OF THE WEEK.  On Friday, my family will have Ike's Pizzeria  Pizza for dinner and I will write a review.  One of my lucky followers will win a FREE Large Pizza from Ike's Pizzeria, 63 Eldridge Street, Binghamton so they can also try the pizza.  I will draw the FREE pizza winner June 3rd at 8:00 pm EST.  I will post the winners first name and last initial on Facebook and my blog.  The winner will receive a confirmation message or email.  There is still time to enter.  Visit my Facebook page and click LIKE at the top of the page or send an email to savingandsharingit@yahoo.com to be eligible.

May 31, 2011

May Pizza Pick of the Week Recap!

At the end of each month I will recap the pizza's we have tried for the month.  I encourage all our followers to use the coupons and try the pizza's for yourself.  You can get the coupons in my blog archives.  Make sure you check the expiration dates.

Thank you to all the participating businesses for May:

Brothers 2 Pizza, Endicott

Joey's Front Street, Binghamton

Mad Moose House of Barbecue and Woodfire Pizza, Binghamton

Freschott Pizza, Johnson City

Our Weekend Getaway

It's nice to be back online sharing with all of you.  My blog was silent because we went on a weekend getaway to the Herkimer Diamond Mines KOA.  We rented a cabin for the weekend.  Even with the little spurts of rain, it didn't ruin our fun.  If you are looking for a great family weekend getaway, the Herkimer Diamond Mines KOA is a great place to go.  The cabin we rented had a double bed, bunkbeds and a heater.  It also had a covered porch with a double swing.  The cabin was nice and clean.  The campground offered different activities for the whole family all weekend long.  They have an inground pool, playground, hayrides, flashlight candy hunt, crayfishing, movies nightly on the big screen, make your own tye dye shirts, ice cream social, DJ, bingo, bonfire, s'mores and much more.  We also visited the Diamond Mines which is located across the street from the campground.  The Diamond Mine is a nice adventure to try once, but I don't think we will do it again.  Because it is a LOT of work trying to crack open the rocks especially in the heat.  I hit about 2 rocks and said forget that.  Every one else kept hammering away.  I walked around and watched for shining spots on the ground and collected the best little stones of everyone we were with.  My stones only valued about $7.00 so I am glad I didn't kill myself hammering rocks.  After hammering a few of our friends had little cuts from flying small rock pieces.  So I suggest if you try the Diamond Mines, wear pants and long sleeves, bring your own safety glasses or you will have to pay $4.00 to get a pair.  The kids had fun at first, but quickly wanted to play on the playground next to the mine.  My favorite part of the campground was the water rapids.  One of our friends dropped all of us off at the start of the campground and we inner tubed down to the end of the camp.  Even the little kids loved it!  It was definitely more fun having transportation taking us back to the starting point. 

Herkimer Diamond Mines KOA has a great website, check it out by clicking here

If you had a great weekend getaway also, please share it with all of us by posting a comment.  We love to learn about new places.