June 3, 2011

Foodie Friday Pizza Pick of the Week Pizza Review!

Ike's Pizzeria Pizza was our pick for the week.  I ordered the pizza for 4:30 pm.  When I walked in at 4:30 the Pizza was ready and hot.  The pizza was a large round thin crust plain pie.  The crust was really thin and tasted good.  It had a nice tomato flavor and there was something about the blend of sauce and cheeses that made you think, boy I could go for another slice.  It was really good!  The ratio of sauce and cheese was good.  My family liked the pizza.  I am glad I found this pizzeria, we will have Ike's Pizzeria again in the future.  Ike's is located on Eldridge Street across from the old Lander's building in Binghamton.
Follow our Pizza Pick circuit and try Ike's Pizzeria Pizza for yourself.

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