October 14, 2011

Turn your garbage into gift containers!

Save money on gift containers by recycling your household garbage.  If you love to bake and give your baked goods to family and friends as gifts, then you may want to recycle your garbage into a useful gift container.

Egg cartons are wonderful holders for truffles, snowballs or any small round candy or cookie.  You can use half of a carton or the whole carton.  Clean the carton and place a small cookie liner in the holes before you put the cookies in.  Wrap the carton with clear plastic wrap, a festive ribbon and tag and they will love it!

What about the plastic container your deli meat comes in?  They are great for candies or cookies of all shapes and sizes.  Clean it, fill it and wrap it with a festive ribbon and tag and you will have another great gift container.

Don't forget those plastic cookie containers you get Oreo's or Keebler cookies in.  They are great for holding delicate christmas cookies.  Place the container in a small gift basket bag with a ribbon and tag and they will be amazed by your creativity.

Do you have a holiday table cloth you won't use any more because there is a big stain on it.  Don't throw it out yet.  Cut the material that isn't stained into large squares and use the material to wrap a loaf of bread you just bake.  Wrap the bread in saran wrap first then in the material.  Finish it off with ribbon and a bow and you have a nice wrapped gift.  Perfect for hostess gifts!

Make the most out of your recycleables.  Stock up now for your holiday baking.

I hope you can use one of these tips to save money on gift giving containers.


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