January 9, 2012


We love having game nights in our house.  It is so much fun just sitting around the table playing with the kids.  My six year old loves the game of LIFE, but he doesn't like loosing though.  We are still trying to teach him that it doesn't matter if you win or loose as long as you have fun. 

We also love when we get a bunch of friends together and have a themed game night.  The theme is more geared toward the food everyone brings and decorations we use.   The games we play usually vary depending on which friends are over, but in the end it is a fun filled night.

If you don't have a game night with your family or friends, then it's about time you started.  You are missing out on a lot of fun!  Who cares if your house is a mess!  If they are your friends they won't care as long as the food and company are good!

Hasbro would also like you to start a game night in your home!  While supplies last they are offering 3 different coupons for games.  So don't hesitate, print your coupons while supplies last, purchase your game, choose a game night and invite your friends over for some fun!

Save $5.00 on one electronic Catch Phrase or Taboo game.  (Taboo is one of my favorites!) Click here for coupon.

Save $5.00 on Jenga or Cranium Brain Breaks game.  Click here for coupon.

Save $5.00 on Pictionary (another one of my favs).  Click here for coupon.

Game Night if full of fun, laughter and makes for some great memories!  Make this weekend a Game Night!

PS:  Don't forget to invite me!




  1. Great offers!

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  2. I love game nights too! The favorite with my kiddos are 12 Little Monkeys and a game called In the Jungle. That one comes with a board with 4 colored pieces, and a lion that sings In the Jungle while he "sleeps" when his head pops up and roars you have to be on a color spot rather than a stone or you have to move to the start. It's a lot of fun.
    For the adults, Apples to Apples, What's Yours Like, and The Game of Things.

  3. Vanessa, we do also like Apples to Apples and Things. The last time we played Things I think we all learn stuff about my brother-in-law that was TMI. :) Some of his answers had us rolling. I will definitely have to check out 12 Little Monkeys. Thanks for the information!

  4. We always have such a great time playing games. We love the playdough SMASH game. Our girls are 9 and 5 - so they have a blast. I am a new follower and can't wait to see more posts. Come visit me at http://surroundedby3pink.blogspot.com!

  5. We like game night. When the kids were little we played "hi ho Cherrio", I think that was its name. When the kids got about halfway through, on their turns they started to move their pieces back towards start. They thought that that was so funny. This brought back some good memories.