February 8, 2012

February is for Sharing the Love - Part 2

With love in the air, you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to share yours.  Most people expect Valentine’s Day to be date night.  This year do something unexpected!  Choose a day between now and the day before Valentine’s Day and call a family member or friend who will take your kids for a couple hours (that’s if you have kids).  Plan a surprise romantic evening at home for your sweetheart.  Make it full of surprises from the time he walks in the door until the time you leave to pick up the kids.  Turn your kitchen or dining room into a romantic restaurant.  Have dinner by candlelight with love songs playing in the background.  After dinner, retreat to your living room which you have turned into a romantic picnic spot with a blanket on the floor, and a basket full of fruit, chocolate or a special homemade dessert you made and your favorite beverage for toasting your love for each other.  I am sure he will love all the work you put into making a special night for the two of you, so you can celebrate your love. 

Then on Valentine’s Day if you have children, you can have a special surprise Valentine’s Dinner with them.  Make the night and dinner all about the things they love.  Set the table with fun Valentine decorations and treats.  They will love it and remember how you planned this special night because  you LOVE them. 

If you don’t have children, think of an elderly family member or friend who is going to be alone on Valentine’s Day.   Show them that they are loved by stopping by and visiting for a little while.  Make sure you bring a little Valentine’s treat for them.  This would make their day and they will feel very special that you thought about them.

Keep on sharing the LOVE!



  1. I take the entire month of February for spreading love! Everyday a lit'l surprise here or there for someone close to me or a random stranger - that's always fun. :)
    Luv your blog! Now stalking!

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    Happy Valentines!! Karren