February 16, 2012

It's good for your hair and legs too!

My favorite shampoo and conditioner is Aussie Moist!  I have used it for years and it has helped put the moisture back into my hair after many years of perming.  The feel of the conditioner reminds me of a shaving cream I bought years ago from a home party show.  It was the best shaving cream I ever used.  I got a closer shave, it didn't irritate my skin and it made my legs really smooth. 

Recently, I ran out of my normal shaving cream and remembered that the Aussie Moist conditioner felt like shaving cream and decided to try it.  Well, I thought I was using the shaving cream from years ago.  It made shaving much easier and the razor went over my legs much smoother.  It stayed on my legs and didn't rinse off immediately while I was shaving.  I told my 17 year old daughter about it and now she also uses it to shave and loves it.  I tried a different type of Aussie conditioner because I wasn't paying attention when I picked up the bottle and the Aussome Volume conditioner just didn't work as good as the Aussie Moist.  My legs weren't as slippery while shaving with the Aussome Volume.

If you are an Aussie user try it!  I am sure you will stop buying a separate bottle of shaving cream.  If you aren't an Aussie user, you may want to start!  Using Aussie Moist I have less bottles in the shower and less items on my shopping list!

(Image credit Aussie)

Happy Shaving!



  1. I love Aussie Moist! I started using it about 6 months ago and haven't looked back! I have never tried it to shave with before.....have to give it a go next time! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great tip! I've never tried Aussie before and I haven't tried any product like this for shaving, but it sounds like a great idea.

    I found your blog through the Friday blog hop and thought I'd stop by to say hi. Please check out my blog too if you get the chance!

  3. HI Katie:)I love the smell of Aussie products MMMM Yummy I'm a new follower returning the favor Have a great Friday!!

    Nicky @ www.mommyonthemove.com