January 21, 2013

A Mom on a Meal Mission!

I am excited to announce that we will have a guest blogger each week who will give us a little insight of her mission to feed her busy family good food on a budget.  Our Mom on a Meal Mission, Christina is a good friend of mine and is excited to share her experiences on Saving and Sharing It.  We hope you will be able to use her experiences going through her Meal Mission to benefit your family.

Mom on a Meal Mission!

My family is constantly on the go and to be honest, bored with the same old quick meals that we hurry to cook and eat almost every night. So, I started looking up recipes for something different.  The BIG problem was finding something that didn't require a gazillion ingredients, that were expensive (cost is an issue!) and oddles of prep time.  So, when I saw the Pillsbury commercial for Unsloppy Joes, I had to try them. Only 4 ingredients and sloppy joes are a family favorite. So, I bought the ingredients and made them.  It was super easy, inexpensive (because I used my Pillsbury coupons) and my family loved them.

Now I am on a mission....a Pillsbury one so far....to find meals that are affordable and easy to prepare. So far I have made Unsloppy Joes and Croissant Pizzas, both big hits and both only 4 ingredients.   Click here for the Pillsbury Unsloppy Joes recipe I used.  ( I did not use chili powder, because I didnt have it and won't buy it for 1 recipe)

Also, if you have a family that doesn't like the cheese, just throw a couple pieces of the cheese on top of the ones with cheese in them to tell them apart.

I hope your family enjoys them as much as mine does.


Christina ~ Mom on a Meal Mission


  1. Gotta love good meals that are super affordable. I try a few new meals each month so that my family doesn't get sick of my go to meals and so that I can maintain my budget of $160 per month in groceries and household goods. Thanks for the great ideas!!!

  2. I hope you enjoy. This was a super simple meal and only used 4 ingredients! Also, pillsbury offers some great coupons which makes it even better!