January 17, 2013

Are you a Bunco Girl?

Are you a Bunco Girl?  I am and I love it!  Our Bunco group is made up of some really fun, creative, competitive and crazy girls.  Tomorrow is my night to host Bunco and I am excited for a few reasons.  One reason is because it is our 2013 Bunco Awards night and we will be crowning our 2013 Bunco Queen.  But I am most excited because I have been preparing and planning and have stocked up on snacks and few items to make more snacks using my coupons and saved a bunch off money.  I call it Bunco on a Budget!  I can't say that I ever win much, so I have to save money somewhere. 

Our Bunco group aka the Bunco Babes try to come up with fresh and fun new ideas for our themes, games, and party favors.    Some of our themes were Wine Tasting, Clue, 80's, Prom, Slumber Party and various holiday themed nights.  The snacks are always yummy, some more creative then others.

We like to share ideas with other Bunco groups so we all can keep it fresh and entertaining.  I would love for you to share your Bunco ideas.  If you have a fun new theme or an amazing fast, easy and inexpensive snack, we would love for you to post a comment with your ideas.  Please post your Bunco groups name and the state you are located.  (ex. Bunco Babes-New York)  If we get 12+ Bunco groups to post a comment before my groups next Bunco night February 15th, I will do a Bunco Party Giveaway to one lucky Bunco group.

I can't wait to hear your ideas.

Happy rolling,



  1. Bunco babes-New york
    I am looking forward to hosting this year for my month. I am going with a red neck party theme. decorations will be beer can centerpieces, sheet curtains, lawn furniture out front, green patio carpets, and whatever else I can come up with! The dress up theme will be get your mullet on. everyone will be encouraged to come dressed in their best redneck grubs and we will vote funniest dressed. Food served will be tatertot casserole and some road kill stew. I am sure I will add more fun as it gets closer!
    Bunco babes are an awesome group and we have had some great parties. Oh, we play bunco too! :)

  2. This year begins another year of BUNCO for us. It is a great time to share some laughs and to have fun with our other Diva's participating in our monthly themes. This month we are celebrating a "Winter Wonderland". Seems fitting...if you live in upstate NY. Each month our 12 girls pay $10 each. We are changing it up a bit this year and I have decided to give back $90-$100 in prize money each month because each of our girls brings a dish to pass. The extra money is used to throw in a few special favors now and then or I buy some lottery tickets and everyone who gets a BUNCO wins a ticket and hopefully a chance to win more money. I like to change it up often. This keeps the girls on their toes and they love the ideas I come up with. Happy BUNCO!