February 14, 2013

Sharing the Sweets ~ Week #2

This week was Mandy's turn to share the sweets.  Below Mandy wrote about her experience sharing this week.  My family personally enjoyed the sweet treats Mandy delivered to us.
Ella cutting the bananas

Mandy and Ella preparing the treats

Jason dipping the bananas in chocolate.

Before and after
Our family changed what we were originally going to bake due to the arrival of NEMO. Since we did not know if the power would go out, we decided to do this PB "Nana Cream Bites " we found on Pinterest. It was also nice that we could involve our 5 year old more and our 1 1/2 year old was able to help by sitting in his chair eating peanut butter. Ella did most of the cutting so some of them were not exactly 1/2-3/4 inch thick. I did the peanut butter part and then my husband, Jason did the chocolate part. It was nice to be able to include all 4 of us in the kitchen at the same time!
PB ‘Nana Cream Bites
2 large bananas
1/4 cup nat­ural peanut but­ter
1/2 cup choco­late chips
2 tbsp-1/4 cup milk of choice
Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper or parchment. Slice bananas into coins about 1/2–3/4 inch thick. Spread a little dollop of peanut butter on top of each one. In a small bowl, combine the chocolate chips and milk (remember, less is more). Microwave in 15 second increments until you can whisk them together. You want it to be a dip able consistency, not spreadable. Add a splash more milk if necessary. Dip the banana chunks using a fork as a little chocolate-coating forklift, dipping them into the melted chocolate. Place chocolate coated bananas on the prepared sheet and place in freezer until completely frozen (3–5 hours). Remove frozen banana chunks from the sheet and store in a freezer container.
Mandy and Family

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