November 22, 2011

Wegman's bakery is the best by far!

I have to admit I have become addicted to Wegman's cinnamon swirls.  Yes, I do enjoy something sweet with my coffee at work.  I used to stop at our local donut chain store on my way to work and would get frustrated because the drive thru line as well as the indoor line would be so long.  Then after waiting so long in line they wouldn't have the donut that I really wanted.  I can't say that I have ever had that problem at Wegman's.  When I stop on my way to work, I always get a great parking spot and never wait to get my donut because it is self serve.  The donuts, pastries and muffins are baked fresh daily, there is a large variation and the price is reasonable as well.  I usually don't have to wait in the check out line either.  I am in and out of there quick.  If you like to have that sweet treat with your coffee at work and drive by or near Wegman's it's well worth it to stop.  Especially when you take that first bite of your donut and it just melts in your mouth!

I am sure they are calorie FREE also!  :)



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