December 21, 2011

Santa's On His Way!

Have those cookies ready and don't forget to leave water for the reindeers because...Santa is coming! 

You can track Santa using these fun sites.


You and the kiddos can track Santas whereabouts using the Official Santa Tracker.

Google Maps

This year you can also use NORAD to track Santa's flight from your phone. On December 24th, open Google Maps for mobile and do a search for "Santa" to see his latest location.

Santa App

Yes, there is an app for that...Santa that is! You can download the Santa Tracker HD app HERE. For $1.99 you can count down the days until Christmas with daily messages from Santa Claus and his elves and then track his flight around the world from the North Pole to your town on Christmas Eve!

Santa Update

Gives out pre-launch updates and the latest headlines from the North Pole. Click HERE.  This is a fun website!

I want to thank Swanky Baby for sharing these fun sites.  This is a great site for your swanky baby, toddler and kids!

Have fun tracking Santa.  Don't feed him to many cookies.  I want him to be able to fit down my chimney.



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