November 29, 2011

Do you know how to choose the PERFECT Christmas Tree?

A friend of mine owns Morgan Hillside Tree Farm in Windsor, NY.  I asked her, how do you pick out the perfect Christmas Tree?  This is her reply.

How to pick a perfect Christmas tree

Decide when the right time is to place your tree, then gather your family to go visit a tree farm. Make sure you are dressed appropriate for the weather. And bring a camera, this is a perfect time for great pictures!
Before you leave home, measure the height of the ceiling in the room where you will display your tree, remember to leave about a foot of space, for your tree topper as well as the tree stand.
Decide what kind of tree you prefer, Balsam fir, Douglas fir, Fraser fir, Noble fir and Scotch pine hold their needles well. When selecting a tree, run your fingers along the needles and give the tree a shake. If the tree is fresh, the needles should be pliable. Some will fall off, this is a natural shedding, especially with the warmer weather we are experiencing this year. Make sure the base of the tree is straight and long enough to fit easily into the tree stand.

If you buy a pre-cut tree, have about an inch cut off the base to make it easier for the tree to take in water. If you don’t plan to put the tree up right away, place it in a bucket of warm water and stand it in an unheated garage or porch away from the wind and cold.

How to maintain your Christmas Tree
Make sure your stand holds an adequate amount of water, usually at least a gallon. Keep your tree well watered. The first day it may drink up to a gallon of water, then several quarts a day, so check often to prevent the cut from sealing over, which will prevent water intake. There is no need to add anything to the water, plenty of fresh warm, water is best.

Do not place your tree near a heat source. If you have pets or small children, trim lower branches to prevent eye injuries. And hang all fragile ornaments, as well as those with small parts on higher branches, if you prefer with florist wire. Secure your tree to the ceiling, wall or floor to prevent it from tipping over, by itself or aided by children or pets.
After you checked the lights to make sure they work, and have no frayed wires, make sure you place them so you can secure the wires out of sight if possible, to prevent pets from chewing on them. Turn lights off when you go to bed or leave the house.

When it is time to take down your tree, you can wrap it in an old sheet, to help catch shedding needles, or before you place the tree put a tree bag you can easily pull over tree when the time has come.

Please check with your local government for tree recycling.  Broome County website for more info:

If you live in Broome or Delaware County  and would like to cut down your own tree, stop by Morgan Hillside Tree Farm, 2135 Old Rt. 17, Windsor, NY.  For more information visit their facebook page Morgan Hillside Tree Farm or call 607-467-3297.

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