December 3, 2011

Make Ahead Monday!

Make Ahead Monday is coming back Monday, December 5th.  We were so busy over the last 3 months that even making a meal ahead didn’t work because we didn’t have time to eat it.  By the time we got home, we only had a chance to change, gather up everyone and head out the door to youth football and cheerleading.  Needless to say, we frequented McDonald’s and Subway a lot during this time or ate later in the evening when we got home.  I have missed Make Ahead Monday’s and sharing my families reviews on the meals.  I would like you to have the opportunity to cook the same meal as I am on Monday and comment on how your family liked or disliked the meal also.  So I am going to post the ingredients for Monday’s meal on Sunday morning so you can shop for the items you don’t have in your pantry.  On Monday morning I will post the recipe.  In the evening on Monday, I will post my families review.  Feel free to post your families reviews of the meal in the comment section of that post.  My family also gives the meal a number of 1 – 10.  1 meaning…Please don’t make that again!  5 meaning…That was ok we can try it again!   10 meaning…That was so AWESOME can we have it again!

As a busy mom on the go having all or part of dinner ready when we get home is a huge time saver.  I hope you join me in making a new crockpot meal every Monday.  If you have a crockpot recipe you would like my family to try, please share it with me.

See you in the kitchen,

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