December 16, 2011

BK's new Fries - Like or Dislike?

You could tell that is was FREE Fries day at Burger King.  The line was longer then I have ever seen there.  It was kind of funny listening to these young high school boys in line talking to each other about how to ask for their free fries.  It must have been the first time they ever got free stuff with out the help of their parents.  Well you are waiting for my response regarding if I liked or disliked the new fries recipe so I'll stop talking about people waiting in line.  I actually LIKED the new fries.  I don't feel like they were a lot different, but they did seem lighter and crispier.  My friend also thought they were good and were crispier.  So that is two (2) LIKES.

Did you get your FREE fries?  Did you like or dislike them?  Post a comment and let me know.  I love reading your comments.


1 comment:

  1. Haven't tried the fries yet... cute blog - following you on the weekend blog hop...hope you can follow back :)