January 27, 2013

Sharing the Sweets...The Baking Buddies!

The Baking Buddies
Christina, Michelle, Mandy and Katie
The weekends are family time for me and my friends.  All of our families like to have sweet treats to munch on over the weekend, but none of us have time to bake.  So I asked a few of my friends if they would like to become Baking Buddies and share sweet treats each week. They loved the idea and we are going to start this weekend.  This is how our Baking Buddies group works.  There are 4 of us, we decided that was a good number as there are usually 4 weeks to a month and it keeps the amount we have to bake at a manageable number.  We choose which weekend we would like to bake and share.  When it is our weekend we bake enough for our family and the other 3 families.  (Ex. If we make cookies, cupcakes or muffins, we make a minimum of a dozen for each family.  If it is Banana Bread or a cake, we make a one for each family).  We decide what we would like to bake.  Then whoever bakes has to deliver the items Saturday morning to the other 3 families.  We all live within a few miles of each other.  It's a win win for all our families.  We all love to bake and we will all receive a wonderful sweet treat for the weekend and only have to bake once in a 4 week time frame.

Each week I will highlight the Baking Buddy for that particular weekend and the sweet treat that they shared.  Sharing the Sweets, saves us time and money.  Many items what we need to bake is already in our pantry. If there is a particular spice one of us needs and doesn't have it in our pantry, we will share our spices as well.  Many times I have bought a spice (which aren't cheap) and used it once.  So why not share your spices.  Use a ziplock bag and measure out the amount needed and tag the bag with the name of the spice and how much you put in the bag. 

Let me know if you start your own Baking Buddy group.  I would love to hear about it.

Happy Baking,

The Baking Buddies

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