January 27, 2013

What is a Cravebox?

I was recently asked what is a Cravebox? In regards to my facebook post about receiving my Zatarain's Big Game Cravebox.

Cravebox™ is the ultimate product discovery service. Cravebox™ delivers themed, curated boxes full of fun finds. Cool stuff that’s relevant to your interests, needs, activities and occasions. Packaged beautifully and delivered to your door.

How it works - Each Cravebox™ is a unique offering, with a set number of boxes. Members are notified when each new box is available, and have several days to enter a drawing for a slot.

If your entry is selected, you’ll be notified immediately, charged, and will receive your shipment in about two weeks. It’s hard to put a price on the fun of discovering new favorites. But it’s easy to afford. Each Cravebox™ costs just $10-$15 per box, including shipping!

For more information and to register with Cravebox click here.   Once you register, please put savingandsharingit in the referred by section of About Me in your Profile.
Check it out,

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