February 6, 2013

Sharing the Sweets ~ Week #1!

This past weekend was the start of our Sharing the Sweets - Baking Buddies group.  It was wonderful receiving our first sweet treat.  The chocolate cupcakes were delicious! 

Michelle and Alison had a great time baking and decorating the cupcakes.


Mandy wanted to share how much Evan enjoyed eating the cupcakes.  He was trying to lick the frosting off his face.
What a great start to our Sharing the Sweets ~ Baking Buddies Group.  I can't wait to see what sweet treats show up at my house this Saturday.
You can start a Baking Buddies Group also.  Pick three friends who live close to you and each week a different friend bakes for everyone and delivers them.  It's wonderful receiving fresh baked goodies each weekend and only baking once a month.

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