January 5, 2012

For the little mommy in your family!

Did Christmas bring a new edition to your family.  When I was little I knew on Christmas morning I would wake up and have a new baby doll waiting for me.  The doll that was my all time favorite was my Baby Alive.  That doll had the fullest belly and cleanest diapers, because I constantly fed and changed her even when she didn't need it.

Do you have a little mommy in your house who got a Baby Alive for Christmas?  Is she doing the same thing?  If she is then it is probably time to get more baby food, juice and diapers and teach her about couponing as a little mommy.  Start them young! :)  Print off this coupon and have her clip it.  She can save $3.00 when you buy any 2 Baby Alive food, juice, or diaper refill packs.  She will really feel like a little mommy when you involve her is this process.

Enjoy the little moments that make BIG memories!



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  3. We have a little one who just might take on the role of little mommy soon.

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