January 4, 2012

Make sure you are prepared this winter!

The weather is getting colder and chance of snow is increasing each day!  Don't take the risk of falling on the ice, get your Morton Ice Melt now!  Morton Ice Melt is offering a $1.00 OFF any one jug.  You can save money and a trip to the ER by using Morton Ice Melt to melt away the ice on your sidewalk and driveway.  Click here for your coupon.

Here's to staying on our feet this winter!



  1. So cool! Thanks for sharing. WE're visiting from Welcome Wednesday and we're your newest follower. We'll be back to play soon.

    We also think you'd like See Beautiful. http://seeabeautifulworld.blogspot.com/

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  2. visiting from TIFM blog hop! you wouldnt think we'd need that here in texas--but last winter they just about shut down dallas because of all the ice!

  3. Good idea! I'll be back for your tips! Newest follower - would love if you follow back!