January 2, 2012

Forget the Gold Fish!

A year ago on New Years Eve we had my daughters Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party.  I purchased 6 colorful beta fish to swim in the glass pillars of the cupcake stand we made.  Three of these beta fish ended up coming home with us.  Being a busy family always on the go, I always try to clean their bowls each week, but there are some weeks that doesn't happen and they get a little green.  I am the resident fish bowl cleaner.  No one else in my home seems to know how to do this.  The kids are responsible for feeding the fish.  I think there are a few days when they are not fed and days when my 6 year old over feeds them.  These fish have endured a lot over the last year and are STILL alive!  Forget buying Gold Fish for your kids when you are at the pet store.  Save yourself the money you will have to pay to replace the fish when it dies in a month.  Plus, save yourself the agony of the toilet bowl or back yard burial funeral with your children crying uncontrollably over a fish you have had a short time.  If you must get them a fish, consider a beta.  They seem to last forever and are not a lot of work.  Plus they are beautiful.

Happy Birthday to my 3 beta fish!


1 comment:

  1. We loved our Beta fish and i agree with you, they do endoure a lot. I think ours lived the same life of feeding, cleaning! Go for the Beta!
    Christina D.